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Long Beach Fight Night 4

April 19, 2009
Play by Play: Cale Stark
Photos: Chuck Davis

First fight: Anthony “A-Train” Appello, 238 lbs. vs. Many “Bam Bam” Lara, 237lbs
Lara enters to Mariachi music. Bell rings and they touch gloves. Clinch and move to the ropes. Lara reaches down for a single leg and takes down Appello and hits the ground in side-control. Lara mounts but Appello rolls to the side and Lara gives up the mount for side control again. Appello is able to get into half guard but then rolls to his stomach to avoid Lara’s ground and pound. Lara takes his back but doesn’t put in the hooks so Appello rolls back to his back. Lara turns on the ground and pound and the ref stops the fight at 2:24 of the first round.

Second fight: Darby “The Edge” Faulkner, 146lbs. vs. Scott “The Sza” Brommage 144lbs.
Faulkner shoots but Brommage catches him in a standing guillotine. Faulkner finishes the take down and they hit the mat. Faulkner defends the guillotine while in Brommage’s full guard. Faulkner sinks his own guillotine on Brommage while still stuck in his guard. They are both in guillotines, very odd. They roll over and escape each other’s guillotines with Brommage now on top. Brommage starts some ground and pound and gets caught in a pretty deep arm bar from Faulkner’s back. Brommage picks up Faullkner and drops him on his head to escape the arm bar. They both stand up and do a little boxing. Faulkner throws a right and Brommage falls down. As Faulkner rushes in Brommage tries for a guillotine. End of round 1

Second round starts trading leg kicks. Faulkner shoots and winds up in a north-south guillotine. They stand up and Faulkner is knocked down to his knees. Brommage is standing over Faulkner delivering ground and pound till the ref stops the fight at 1:18 of the second round.

Third fight: Juan Rivas, 143lbs. vs. Andrew “Mon Chi Chi” Patlan, 144lbs.
Patlan starts the fight with a right leg kick. The fighters clinch against the ropes then break free. There is a flury of punches and Patlan falls with Rivas on his back, no hooks. Rivas begins to ground and pound and knees to the body. The Ref moves the fight to the center of the ring with Rivas still on top. Patlan escapes and both fighters are on their feet. The round ends with Patlan grabbing Rivas’s kick to the body.

Second round Patlan shoots and finishes a single leg. Rivas lands on his back with Patlan in his guard. Patlan tries to pass and they move back and forth between full and half guard. Rivas tries for a gogoplata but eventually has his guard passed. Patlan takes Rivas’s back and starts to punch Rivas in the side of the head, moves to mount and continues to ground and pound. After a scramble, the bell rings signaling the end of round two.

Third round started trading kicks. Patlan shoots for a double leg and gets caught in a standing guillotine. He finishes the takedown and escapes the guillotine. Patlan passes and as Rivas rolls over giving up his back. Patlan does not capitalize and Rivas escapes now standing over Patlan, who is on his back. Rivas kicks at Patlan’s legs a few times and then jumps on him. No damage, bell rings. End of fight.
Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3
29/28 29/28 29/27 Unanimous decision for the red corner-Rivas

Fourth fight: Fabian “Wolverine” Diaz, 150lbs. vs. Sgt. Vince Ortiz (USMC) 148lbs.
A little feeling out at first. Ortiz clinches with Diaz and throws some knees in close. Diaz responds with knees of his own, and Ortiz takes one to the tenders. Ref steps in and lets Ortiz recover. After the break they go right back to the clinch and start kneeing each other again. Diaz is able to get a standing guillotine but is taken down by Ortiz who then escapes the guillotine. There is a scramble for position and Ortiz takes Diaz’s back. Ortiz fights for the choke while Diaz does a good job defending, at first. Ortiz stays with the dominate position and finally gets the RNC. Diaz taps at 2:48 of the 1st round.

Fifth fight: Lamar “Monster” Jiles 202lbs. vs. Keneti “Monsta” Faagata 204lbs.
Monsta starts with some body-kicks. Monster clinches and then takes down Monsta. Monster falls into Monsta’s guard. Monster passes to side control and receives some elbows from the bottom. Monster achieves the mount and sets the hooks. He does a good job of maintaining the mount and administeing some ground and pound, moving back and forth from hooks in, to sitting up and delivering blows. Ref. Herzog steps in and stops the fight, TKO. Red corner wins 2:59 first round.

Sixth fight: Fernando Bettega, 179lbs. vs. John “VooDoo” Walsh.
Walsh clinches with Bettega and takes him down. Bettega is able to get half-guard for a moment but is eventually mounted by Walsh. Bettega takes a few shots on bottom and rolls giving up his back. Bettega is able to escape the back mount, reverses Walsh and sets a guillotine. They stand up and Walsh takes him down again, still with his head in a guillotine. Bettega hangs on tight and lands on his back with Walsh in his guard and a deep guillotine on his neck. Bettega chokes out Walsh. Tap out 1:23 first round.

Seventh fight: Darrell “The Mongoose” Montague, 129lbs. vs. Maurice “Syko” Eazel, 129lbs.
Montague entered the ring with a blue belt wraped around his Gi to the music, Sade “Smooth Operator”. Hmmm. Eazel came with gifts and tossed red “Hitman” hats to the audience. OK, the fight. Eazel shoots for a double leg and lands in Montague’s guard. Montague is able to get to his feet but is taken down again, back to full guard. He escapes again and gets a standing guillotine on Eazel. Eazel executes a spectacular feet over head take down of Montegue and lands in side control. Montague is able to obtain guard and then stands up. He throws a flying knee and then clinches with Eazel. Montague takes down Eazel to his half guard. Eazel is able to get back to his feet and a flurry of punches ensues. The round ends in a clinch.

Second round starts with Eazel delivering kicks and knees to the body of Montague. In the clinch, Montague is knocked down by a right hand. In the scramble for position, Eazel winds up in Montague’s guard. Eazel does a little ground and pound and the bell rings.

In the third round, this time Montague knocks down Eazel. Eazel gets up only to receive a flying knee to the head. Montague finishes Eazel with a little ground and pound before the Ref steps in. Montague wins by KO at 36 seconds of the third round.
Paramedics, with a stretcher, were summoned to assist, however, Eazel was able to walk away under his own power.

Eighth fight: Scott Rose, 181lbs. vs. Tarec Saffiedine, 177lbs.
Rose starts with kicks. Saffiedine lands a left that rocks Rose. In the clinch, Saffiedine forces Rose out of the ring. On the restart, Rose pulls guard. Saffiedine passes to half guard and sets up a head and arm triangle, steps out of half guard and gets the tap. Saffiedine wins by tap out at 58 seconds of the first round.

Ninth fight: Erik Meaders vs. Thomas Kenney, 167lbs.
Kenney shoots but the shot is defended by Meaders. They clinch for a moment and then separate to do little boxing. Meaders shoots and Kenney grabs a guillotine and pulls guard. Meaders gets out of the guillotine and throws punches from inside Kenney’s guard. Meaders stands up and Kenney is still on his back. Meaders throws a few leg kicks to the downed Kenney before the Ref. stands it up. Kenney delivers some leg kicks and the round ends.

Kenney starts the second round the way he ended the first round, with leg kicks. Kenney shoots and gets caught in a guillotine and half guard. Kenney defends the guillotine and mounts Meaders who rolls and gives his back to Kenney. Meaders rolls to his back and is remounted. Kenney is working on a head and arm triangle when the bell rings.

Third round, Kenney shoots and takes Meaders down only to get caught in a crucifix. He escapes, shoots again for a double and passes to side control. He is able to start a kimura on Meaders left arm but Meaders is able to get half guard and stuff his own arm behind his back preventing the finish. Meaders reverses Kenney and is working for a guillotine when the bell rings.
Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3
29/28 29/28 29/28 Unanimous decision for the blue corner-Kenney

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