Monday, January 5, 2009

Long Beach Fight Night 3 - Jan 4, 2009

By Chuck Davis

Yesterday I had the opportunity to cover the Long Beach Fight Night. Unfortunately, I got there late and missed the first two fights and many of my pictures turned out blurry as I was getting used to a new camera.

It was a great event though with an even better turnout than last time. Only one fight went to a decesion, which happened to be one of the fights I missed, although there were a couple of bazzar endings. Here are some of the highlights:

Danny Juarez made quick work of Miles Howard with a RNC victory in round 1. Tony Fergeson defeated a visibly broken Frank Park by Arm Triangle and Darrell Montague punished Scott Brommage for nearly 3 rounds before finally finishing him via RNC.

Then the wierdness began. Jim Ramsey appeared to be putting up a good fight against a very game Maurice Eazel, even picking him up and tossing him to the canvas at one point. However, after Eazel took his turn and nearly threw Ramsey out of the ropes, Ramsey decided he had had enough and verbally quit.

The next fight took strange to the next level as both competitors stood and traded blows, Demetrice Woods reared back to through a punch and instead threw himself out of the ring. He was visibly in tremendous pain with an apparent shoulder dislocation and Keneti Faagata was awarded the victory via TKO.

The main event saw local favorite Thomas Kenney take a beating at the hands of Strikeforce verteran Jesse Juarez. Although the crowd was audibly pulling for Kenney, their support wasn't enough to help him defend Juarez's takedowns and superior ground game. While Kenny kept going for a dead-end Kimura, Juarez was able to take his back and eventually flatten him out and finish him with strikes.

Click here for more photos of the event. Special thanks to Todd Felker for contributing some of the photos.

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